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Rug Cleaners Tameside

Rug Cleaners Tameside

We use a six stage cleaning system to all rugs cleaned.

Firstly identify fibre type using a burn test if necessary. So the correct cleaning agent can be used.

A thorough pre vac using a dual motored commercial vacuum. To remove most dust and hair on the rug.

An extensive pre-spot, to reduce any none set spots and stains, using the correct cleaning solution for your rug.

Next fully pre-spray all the rugs to be cleaned with our eco-friendly solution. This is safe for your children and pets immediately.

Then a thorough rinse using one of the most powerful 3 stage twin vac machines on the market. Leaving your rugs dryer faster. Leaving no dirt attracting residue in your clean rugs.

Finally we groom your rugs to realign the carpet pile to there natural position.

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Rug Cleaners Tameside


Badger Close,
Hyde Cheshire, SK14 4FY.

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Recent Client Comments

Don't normally leave comments.
But I must, Paul did a excellent job on my 3 piece suite, And gave me some great advice on how to clean...

Tina Duff Tameside Tina Duff Tameside

I Must thank you for the work you carried out on my sofa.

I am very impressed with the results, especialy the stain you removed from...

Mr Kevin Boyd Tameside Mr Kevin Boyd Tameside

Paul cleaned my carpets last year and did a brilliant job. called him in again to clean my sette and chairs.

Yet again Paul you have...

Kirsty Brignell Tameside Kirsty Brignell Tameside

thank you for cleaning my dinning room chair at such short notice.

Your a real star.

Helen Kell Tameside Helen Kell Tameside

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